Moving Checklist: How to Leave Bugs Behind

The is no doubt that you would love to leave old things behind and bugs or other pests should definitely stay in your old home for good. So let’s imagine that your moving day is approaching, how can you protect your new one from bugs infection? The easiest way is to ensure that you take no bugs with you. Below you can find five simple tips from pests experts on how to do so.

#1 Packing

If you want to eliminate the possibility of bugs contamination during the relocation, it’s best to use sealable plastic bags for packing. Instead of cardboard boxes look for plastic containers with sealable lids. In this way you can ensure that no additional bugs or insects can get into your belongings in the process of relocation.

#2 Electronics and Appliances

If you know that your current house is infected and the scope of the infestation is large, then moving companies from in most cases would advise you to leave the infected small electric and electronic appliances behind. Under this definition fall such items as alarm clocks, coffee pots, etc. Unfortunately, these are very beloved hiding places of cockroaches and bugs as well as ants, so you risk severely taking them to your new home.

#3 Kitchen Items

All pots, pans, and coking utensils must be thoroughly cleaned before moving. Once you dry them, put immediately to the plastic bags and seal. Any food, including porridges, nuts, and spies, must be checked for moth and other bugs. Should you find any signs of any insects in your food, forget about taking it with you. Throw everything away immediately until the pests didn’t infect your other belongings.

#4 Plants

Unfortunately, plants can also be a home for a number of insects, so check them very carefully before you move them. Look not only at the leaves or the stem of each plant, but also have a look at the dirt. If you don’t feel confident in the cleanliness of the plants, leave them now because later on you’ll have to throw away much more than just one pot!

#5 Final Destination

And the final tip is to inspect your new home again on your way. Before you start unpacking your belongings in a new home, perform one more careful inspection of your new home to avoid casualties. To be 100% sure in the absence of any pests, hire a professional pest removal company to perform a check.

Moving Checklist: How to Leave Bugs Behind

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