How to Protect Your New Home from Pests

You’ve just bought your dream home! It’s in perfect location and with ideal neighbors. Everything seems to be perfect, but imagine that you find signs of mice or cockroaches. How would you react?
Without any doubts, you won’t be happy to have these unwelcome guests in your home after the recent relocation. So you will definitely be interested in protecting your new home from any pests so that when your moving day comes, you step into a pests-free zone. But when you live there the idea is clear.
The question is in what way can you protect your home from pests before you move in? In order to help you, several moving companies shared their experience and here’s what they can offer.

1. Seal the windows and doors

After you buy the property and before you leave home to pack your belongings. Ensure that windows operate properly. If no, make sure to fix them because otherwise you risk having both non-operating windows and pests issues. When you leave the house waiting for your moving, close all windows tightly and ensure there are no leaks! The same rule applies for the doors. You might have problem with the space under the door. In case it’s too wide, put there at least some old towel for protection and don’t forget to spray some chemicals on it.

2. Update the soffits

A lot of bugs start becoming a problem if you don’t clean them up regularly. So before you leave the house, ensure that old soffits on the exterior of your new home are not rotten or damaged. If they are, make sure to remove them because while you’ll be packing and travelling to your new home, rats, mice, and squirrels and a variety of insects will already become your home mates.

3. Use flashing to stay dry

Water penetration is another common reason of pests in your home, so ensure you deal with it instantly. Check your roof and gutters for any warning signs. Rotting wood will eventually become home to termites. So don’t let them occupy your home. Should you have any wooden furniture inside of the new home, protect is from termites and other insects with chemicals before leaving.

4. Siding to block exterior crawl spaces

Vinyl siding can protect your home from bunnies and moles that may get into your home from the ground. Ensure that the siding goes not till the ground but even further so that mining wouldn’t be possible for any pests.

How to Protect Your New Home from Pests

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