How to Get Rid of Mice?

Rats and mice are one of the worst pest problems any house may experience. According to moving experts, you need to know how to deal them regardless of whether you have them or not. If you have mice or rats at your current home, you need to ensure that your new housing doesn’t have them. Below there are several tips from moving companies and bugs exterminators to help you deal with these unwelcomed guests.

What signs do mice leave?

Before you start panicking about having mice and rats problem in either of your houses, you need to ensure that they are actually there. So here are the most obvious signs that your home struggles from mice and rats issues.

  • Gnawing and tooth marks – all rodents biologically need to gnaw as a result you will see tooth signs on metal and wooden surfaces.
  • Droppings – you are very likely to see rats and mice droppings all over the place if you so have the problem with them.
  • Greasy fur marks – just as all other animals, mice and rats have fur and they change it often. So along well-travelled routes of these rodents you’ll spot dirty black smears.

How to get rid of them?

If you care about humanity, then snap traps are the most humane way of doing so, yet not the most pleasant one. Moving companies advise using regular traps if the problem with rodents occurred in your new home.
Should you have issues in your current home, you can use snap traps. But after you take the rodent out of it, make sure that you “dump” the animal as far away from your home as possible, but no less than two kilometers away. If you leave it closer to your home, you risk having it back soon.
Another way is indoor electromagnetic interference or ultrasound. Such machines produce special ultrasound or interference that drive rats and mice out of your houses. Should you have any bats in the house, they will also be driven away or even killed by such devices.
If you don’t care about the rodents, movers frequently use anti-coagulant poisons in new homes as preventative measures. Yet be ready that these poisons cause very slow and painful death to the rodents.
And the last tip is not to fight the consequences, but to prevent mice you’re your home. Repair any broken air bricks and holes in outside walls of your new home to ensure that no “guests” are waiting for you there.

How to Get Rid of Mice?

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