Bed Bug Dogs-How to Detect and Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that invade the home and if not given prior attention, it can lead to unwanted infestation. These creatures usually nestle in the warm portions or areas of the home, inside or nearby beds and beddings and sleep areas. Bed bugs are not really nocturnal, but they are more active during nighttime, attacking their victims while lying on their bed.

The Need to Detect and Kill Bed Bugs

Being health threats and a serious nuisance, there is an essential need to detect and kill bed bugs before these creatures create a serious disaster. Once these annoying pests infest household items, they propagate rapidly all throughout the home in just a short period of time. There are even instances that bed bugs are found in public places.

It seems difficult to detect the presence of these pests. Smaller blood stains on the bed and on the pillows are common indications of their presence. Killing bed bugs also require the right knowledge and proper approach to effectively and completely eliminate the presence of these parasites. One of the recommended ways of detecting and killing bed bugs is to consult an expert.

Bed Bug Dogs NYC for Effective Bed Bug Detection and Control

There is a rapid increase of bed bug infestation cases in New York that is why many have turned to Pest Stoppers in New York City, bed bug sniffing dog in detecting and killing bed bugs. Human detection for these parasites usually take long hours because bed bug are really great when it comes to hiding on crevices of bed, mattresses, furniture, wall papers and more.

Bed bug sniffing dog has the ability to detect bed bugs instantly unlike humans because this dog has an excellent smelling capability allowing it to detect adults and even bed bugs eggs. Bed bug dogs’ accuracy is proven. The ability of this dog in terms of detection has been carefully researched and results show that well trained dog sniffing bed bugs is about 96 to 98% accurate in terms of detecting and identifying infestation. The dog is capable of doing so not just in close distances, but also in a distance of three to four feet.

The Advantages of Using Bed Bug Dogs for Infestation Control

One of the biggest advantages of using these detection dogs is their ability of narrowing down that affected area with greater specificity. For the earlier stage of infestations and serious infestations in larger homes and buildings, these dogs can give individuals accurate findings. Detection dogs have been appreciated and respected in several different fields. These dogs now start to earn public recognition in the pest control field.

Overall, these bed bugs detection dogs are an excellent addition to the list of effective and natural pest control solutions. Individuals can now hire the best dog in NYC using Pest Stoppers and allow it to do the search and detection so that the best solution will be carried out to completely eliminate their presence. With these, detecting and killing the bed bugs will be easier and more effective.